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The Cerrado Plains Big Quartet – Working with elemental spirits in a south american context

I had some problems working with elementals when starting to practice Chaos Magick to a long time until I was going in a mushroom and had a formidable orientation about where to look when thinking about a spirit that could embody a series of natural events. Most of us here in Brasil hear histories about the folklore, but in a way that turns the knowledge behind the guardians of nature and mischievous black kids smoking pipes a relic of a less civilized, more ruralized past. No sir, they are out there – well, some of at least.

For the Salamanders wich we have in lots here, but nothing that resembles, comes the Mbei-Tatá (in native Tupi-Guarani “a thing of fire”, “snake of fire”), an autoctonous legend who was spread among the villages after the process of Portuguese conquest who talks about a snake made of fire, or a flying snake with flaming eyes that causes and sometimes settles the fire sprending in the woods. Great, a spirit related to the fire that is pretty common in those savanah ecosystems. Found one!

I’ll give a more detailed explanation about one of those, and will be preparing a ritual. Nice nice nice!