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A Tropical approach to Chaos

Here begins my pages about xamanism, wich by many reasons have a lot in common with the brazillian popular rezas e benzimentos (tradicional prayings due in a particular form of repetitions and sometimes with the aid of a rosary/tradicional energy healing and protective spells using powerfull herbs common in the country), in majority performed by old woman whose was though the reza by a elderly rezadeira¹ from the previous generation. This form as we see nowadays emerged as a mixing of catholic and indigenous miths, philosophy, form of magical practices and a lot of new roots to gasp uppon.
Mainly a rural country like Brazil was till the turn of the millenium, I would been a preacher or a holy prayer to call upon the spirits and the divine forces of heaven and earth to soothe the pain of the childreen of the local system, give a strengh they need to fulfill their missions on land and go on, happy. Thanks to the need for power and progress in cost of desctruction, no.
I was born in midlle of the process, when the farm and the city would somethime in a future become a reason of conflict with severe losts to the familiar countryside of Pindorama lands. Exodus to the city to hide in tall buildings and live the fear of night passing by day and nothing knowing if your are really a bird meant to a cage – a wild animal found surrounded by a desert of sugar cane. I think that’s not the way our celestial father and mother want us to take on, so I decided to look upon the old ones knowledge to become a holy guardian for my own like many have done by this time, I’ve been informed.
It’s time to care about the people, pray for them and to teach and guide them to look upon the earth where grows many delightfull fruits and leafs of the most beutifull poetry by taste to the weeds that heal and energize. It’s time to care about my people.

And a week later, when I was bottling some rock-smasher (a plant that has healing properties to liver and kidney, mostly for pebles) tea…

“- Hey, man… (seems all fucked up)
– What have you been passing trough, my child?
– Liver and kidney… probably.
– Ok , drink this tea I made. I allready had in mind that you would come to seek for help.
– Thanks, man.
– Oxalá bless you, Obaluaiê heal you, axé my brother.”

After a little praying to the old mighty gods and a astral cleaning using the herbs that grow in the country, the boy is back in the game.
Deus te criou, Deus te cuidou, Deus te cura.

From that point, I had a ilumination in my magical practices. I then threw away all my old rusty archaic magical objetcs, destroyed a lot and start’d to pray and to praise the old gods and the ancestors whom performed magick long before my existence – even returning as myself, without my knowledge, but to trial the way of the healing, spirit talking and demand breaking of the tropical supernatural ecosystem of information.