A rainbow serpent in the flames

A working and biding spell to call upon a Mbei-tata spirit.

The mbey tata is a spirit of flame, wich could by mistake give a beginner to think about a literal flame and fire, or a correspondence with animality and raw expansivity. More or less, yes, but when taliking with fire spirits I think many are difficult and seem violent and agressive for the fact they are extremely noble and don’t want to be mistaken as pets or anything like – I’ve been seeing that spirits with great willpower are a little harder to call and to work at first, but become loyal and would do real great things just to honor their friendship. In a world of clowns who do their taling and clow show just to distract the attentions to their emptyness, fire spirits tend to be a little lonely by these days, but always are for a talk with the people they look uppon.

 So, if you are going to call upon some of them, call for astral and mind cleaning and for guidance of the confused souls, only. If you want to destroy someone, you gonna get burn’d!¹

The spell in very simple, in fact. 
In a day that has rained, light a double colored candle, wich represents the communication with the world of encarnated to the spiritual. I used a yellow and green, wich ius linked to the saint whose guides the process of raining and transformation and stay hald time has a rainbow and half as a snake.
For a incense, I do prefer to make a ember and throw some rosemary, but used a solid incense too. I like to use many matches as the spirits like the looks of the burst of flames, throw that to burn in the pire.
The first thing is to look to the flames, when I started to blow the coal and flames emerged I gave a very calm and focused look and the thing that was most aparent in the first was a rainbow with a serpent dancing in front of him.  The serpent become bigger and the colors af the rainbown formed a beautiful pattern arround his neck.
I can still sense his presence, but was a lot faster and subtle that I could expect even the spiritual cleaning was visual. Next week, although, I have an obligation to the spirit and a acessory ritual. Let’s see how that goes.

Peace irmãos e irmãs! Axé!

¹I did this ritual because here at home we receive a lot of donations of clothes and I tought would be nice to call upon the spirit to clean them from previous energies to make their way to people who will nock on my door asking for a piece of cloth.
 For that, I gave the more elaborate one to the spirits and will commit to use it a time or two in festivals or while performing rituals of fire.

One thought on “A rainbow serpent in the flames

  1. It’s a really nice idea to cleanse the items you intend to give away. I grew up receiving parcels of clothing from my family in the U.S.A. It was a fun experience to receive them. These days I go through my cupboards once a year and collect all the things I haven’t used in a while. I make a bag and give it to charity. I never though of cleansing them with magick but I like the idea. Perhaps i will do this next time!

    We get a lot of beautiful rainbows in Scotland, especially in autumn and spring. We see double and very occasionally even triple rainbows. It always feels very special to see them. Rainbow serpent has a special place in my heart. I was in touch with a manifestation of it in early childhood. It taught me magick. 🙂

    I also love using rosemary as incense. I have a bush of it in my garden. It often needs trimming because it grows really fast. When we have a bonfire I burn its twigs both for magick and for pleasure.

    The scent of rosemary improves memory. It has been associated with remembrance and love culturally. Science confirms that some compounds present in rosemary improve cognitive functions. I find it fascinating.

    Your observation of fire spirits as more difficult to work with but also very loyal matches my experiences with the Black Rat. I wrote a blog about it fairly recently: http://black.kiamagic.com/2016/10/18/the-black-rat/

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