The Cerrado Plains Big Quartet – Working with elemental spirits in a south american context

I had some problems working with elementals when starting to practice Chaos Magick to a long time until I was going in a mushroom and had a formidable orientation about where to look when thinking about a spirit that could embody a series of natural events. Most of us here in Brasil hear histories about the folklore, but in a way that turns the knowledge behind the guardians of nature and mischievous black kids smoking pipes a relic of a less civilized, more ruralized past. No sir, they are out there – well, some of at least.

For the Salamanders wich we have in lots here, but nothing that resembles, comes the Mbei-Tatá (in native Tupi-Guarani “a thing of fire”, “snake of fire”), an autoctonous legend who was spread among the villages after the process of Portuguese conquest who talks about a snake made of fire, or a flying snake with flaming eyes that causes and sometimes settles the fire sprending in the woods. Great, a spirit related to the fire that is pretty common in those savanah ecosystems. Found one!

I’ll give a more detailed explanation about one of those, and will be preparing a ritual. Nice nice nice!

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  1. I love salamanders! I saw them when I was in Italian Alps. I was visiting my family there and they took me around to see some amazing places. We were up on a mountain on a very hot day. It was summer but the top of the mountain was covered in snow. I saw a glacier for the first time on this mountain. It felt very special. Anyway, we were on our way down, after a long day when it started to rain. Suddenly the whole path got covered with salamanders! They were black and yellow in color. Absolutely gorgeous. They would emerge from under the rocks very much like frogs do. As soon as the rain stopped the salamanders hid away. After that I began wondering why people associate an amphibian, moisture loving creature with fire.

    Apparently when people collected logs for winter, salamanders would be hibernated inside many of them. Once people put the wood on fire the salamander would wake up and flee the heat. People sitting around the fire would suddenly see this beautiful creature jumping out of the flames. Not only did it jump out of the fire but it also looked like it! This makes so much sense and it’s such a great image!

    I attach a link to wikipedia page about golden alpine slamander (the kind I saw)

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